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Visitors Insurance USA - Health insurance for persons visiting US

Health insurance for persons visiting USA

Are your parents, in-laws or other relatives temporarily visiting United States? Medical treatment in United States is very expensive. It is generally better to purchase visitors insurance from a US based company as you get a health insurance ID card, providers directly payment to the insurance in most cases, coverage is renewable in case of extension of trip and coverage is refundable in case of early departure.

As a leading broker in the United States, we offer the best visitors insurance plans available in the market. VisitorSecure provides a limited coverage and is a low-cost insurance while Atlas America provides the best coverage and costs more money.

You can get instant quotes, view all the details about the products and make instant purchase online. No medical exam, no paper work, no membership fee. Insure with us today for your peace of mind.


  • Fixed Coverage
  • Visit Any Doctor
  • Prescription Drug Discount card

Atlas America®

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Extensive PPO Network
  • $15 Urgent Care Copay

Compare VisitorSecure and Atlas America Side by Side